Season 1: Episode 2: PROCESS with Podcast Producer and Virtual Assistant Hannah Johnson

Today Carol is speaking with Hannah from ⁠Daisy Media⁠. Hannah is Carol’s Girl Friday. She is the process Queen as far as Carol is concerned and when she’s not sure how to do a certain piece of admin or she has a tricky problem and she’s not sure what to do. Hannah will be able to sort it out. Hannah is a Virtual Assistant who runs Daisy Media. Hannah is a mum of 2 and wife living in Bedford with her family. When she’s not running her business or being a mum she loves knitting and crochet – so process and order is very important!

Hannah’s website can be found here and she can be found on social media at @daisy_media and @hannahjplans.

Welcome to the Raise Podcast with Carol Barwick. We’re here to raise your confidence and inspire your creativity. Each episode, we will have a different guess who will be discussing our Raise Word. The Raise Word is a word that will encourage you or empower you and at times inspire you to explore the word a little more for yourself.