About Carol

Hey there, I’m Carol Barwick, the brains, heart, and voice of Raise! Picture this: a former primary school teacher turned Owner and Project Manager on a mission to share the song of confidence and joy everywhere I go. For over 20 years, I’ve taught and learnt lessons from every walk of life, including the challenging streets of Guatemala, where I befriended incredible street children with huge potential, to the colourful communities of Bethnal Green, where I championed amazing young people with special needs and abilities, and finally, the courageous young carers in Bradford.

I have a 2:1 BA Hons in Creative Writing and ,usic, plus a Diploma in Creative Practice in Community Settings, but I’m not just about degrees; I’m about turning creativity into a superpower! My mission? Raising the confidence and inspiring the creativity of everyone I meet. Because in my world if I can encourage you to believe that your creativity and individuality matter then you are more likely to share the joy that that brings with others- a wonderful ripple effect.

If you’re up for a life of creativity and empowerment and want to pour some of your colour into the world, let’s paint the Raise rainbow of hope together. I invite you to create a world where confidence and fun awaits – tune in and join the song! 🎉✨

Carol with balloon