Season 4: Episode 2: RIDICULOUS with Eurovision Specialist Lisa-Jayne Lewis

In this week’s episode, Carol talks to Lisa-Jayne Lewis. The Raise Word for this episode is RIDICULOUS.

Lisa-Jayne is one of the most sought after Eurovision & Junior Eurovision Song Contest specialists in the UK, but also contributes to other TV and social commentary, with her additional expertise in end-of-life and post-mortem empowerment and the intersectionality of queer identities and Christian faith. Lisa-Jayne is an ordained minister who served as a chaplain at the World Trade Center in New York following the attacks of 9/11, she regularly presents ‘Thought For the Week’ on BBC Hereford and Worcester. Lisa-Jayne is a broadcaster and content creator with 8 years of experience in creating radio, TV, video and podcast content and a contributing broadcaster to an array of TV and radio programmes.

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