Raise in Schools

I’m feeling my anxiety levels are decreasing because I now know how to cope with my “villains”

Year 6 pupil

Raise Schools

Raise has been working in schools since 2008 delivering our bespoke behaviour management sessions and offering emotional support to those children who are socially disadvantaged.

High School Heroes

High School Heroes is a bespoke transition programme which can cater to your year 6 needs. Using the simple themes of Heroes and Villains, High School Heroes enables each and every year 6 to explore who they want to be at High School, what their worries and concerns may be, how to deal with those worries and what stepping up to that responsibility looks like.

High School Heroes will

  • Empower every year 6 child to enter high school with full confidence in their learning potential
  • Encourage children to support each other
  • Build the links between the primary and secondary schools
  • Support year 7s in their new learning environment